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Daily Exercise Increases Brain Function

Ever notice that when you are doing your exercise that you have all these great ideas? I know first-hand that I do some of my best thinking when I’m exercising. When I first started my doctorate degree, I was up against some challenges that I didn’t think I could overcome. Out of frustration, I would put down my work and jump into the pool (my first classes were in the summer). I’d do 100 laps and then resume my work and believe it or not, I understood the work so much better.

Exercise is such an important part of being healthy. There are so many reasons for this but I will outline some important physiological concepts to understand:

Increasing your heart rate gets your heart pumping more blood faster. This is very good for your overall cardiovascular system. Your heart is a muscle and needs to be challenged on occasion. All your arteries are lined with smooth muscle too. The faster and harder your cardiovascular system works, the better your muscles will respond. But it is always best to start slow before you work up to more challenging workouts.
Increasing your heart rate gets more blood to the brain. Clean out the cobwebs and increase blood flow with fresh, fast moving red blood cells and oxygen as often as you can. Growth of anything begins with a constant supply of new raw materials.
All your body’s organs need fresh blood too! A constant fresh supply of fast moving blood to your liver, lungs, kidneys and all your muscles keeps them young too! And it’s best to keep that blood pumping fast! The faster you use your oxygen in the blood, the more the bone marrow will keep alert to making more hemoglobin!
When you move less, the body starts to deteriorate. If you slow-down in life and stop exercising, this signals the body to hibernate. That’s ok for short periods of time, but not for years and years. When the heart rate doesn’t increase on occasion, working the muscles, the body starts to break down and, yes, prepares to die. This is all in our DNA. You may start a downward trajectory from which you may never recover. Especially if disease sets in.

So please find something you love to do. Mix it up so you don’t do it exclusively all the time and get bored. You will enjoy years and years of health and vitality that NO pill can ever give you. You’ll look younger than your years, have tons of energy and truly enjoy your life as the years go by.