Your Paleo Practitioner

1. Rediscovering whole foods and avoiding processed foods

2. Enjoying physical activity, especially outdoor activities


3. Personal responsibility (and a large amount of corporate and government responsibility)

86 million Americans over the age of 20 have Pre-Diabetes and only 7% know it!

This is the same information I have been giving to my patients during their office visits.

This website is a way for me to reach many more patients, so more people can adequately understand how to navigate their lives if they want to be more healthy through eating patterns and exercise. You can regain your health especially if you have Pre-diabetes or Diabetes. View the many video lessons to understand how to get started!

As a healthcare professional, I am dedicated to preserving your health. Obesity and Diabetes are taking over our country. I believe it is in our food choices and sedentary lifestyles. There is no magic pill for weight loss. Maintaining or regaining your health will require three things from you: