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The privacy of my members and visitors of this website is of utmost importance to me. As a medical provider, I practice a high level of patient privacy every day in my practice. In fact, I am bound by HIPPA privacy act every day and I take this very seriously. This privacy policy outlines the types of information that I have access to and how it can be used, always keeping my members privacy in mind. this will be updated periodically. Any information about yourself that you may provide to me will be kept confidential, just as I do with my patients information. Although I cannot take the place of your medical provider, I hope you learn from this site to improve your overall health. Should you decide to provide to me any personal information about your health such as your weight, height, BMI, lab test results or discuss your diet or level of exercise, this information will never be shared with any non-medical personnel. Should you post any personal information on Your Paleo Practitioner's Facebook page, you must realize that this will be accessible to the public, so only post appropriate comments that you are publicly comfortable as others will see this information. 


I currently don't use cookies to store information about members or visitors preferences or to record information. If you wish to disable cookies, you may do so through your individual browser. I will update this periodically.


I hope you get good and usable information, constantly updated on this website to transform your life and maintain or regain your health. I have all my videos lessons and written materials on this website copyrighted, therefore it cannot be used, word for word, without my written permission. The video lessons cannot be copied, resold or shared with others that are not members, without my permission. 


I have been a New York State licensed Family Nurse Practitioner since 2005, nationally board certified, however, I do not intend to take the place of your current medical provider. As a nationally Certified Diabetes Educator, I cannot take the place of your diabetes educator or endocrinologist either. I cannot diagnose your specific health problems as that can only happen with a complete health assessment and physical exam. I am not being paid by any organization or corporation for this website to function, therefore I have NO CONFLICTS OF INTEREST. I hold no loyalties to any drug companies or food manufacturers or any corporation. I do not provide any endorsements of any product or food and therefore have no disclosures to make to my members and visitors. The only products or foods that I may recommend or endorse is done so from my own experience of using it in my own life. Also, all the research that I discuss on this website is the result of my own research, medical conferences and other professional readings, of which I do constantly and consistently. My aim is to provide my members and visitors with the most up-to-date health related information which may not be available to the general public. I do not receive any forms of compensation to create this website and have paid all the costs of this website on my own.

I am committed to providing my members with the most current, unbiased, peer-reviewed health information available, constantly updated. This is the same information I provide to my patients during their office visits. It is designed to cut through all the conflicting information most people find confusing as they read through various literature. The views and opinions expressed on this website are mine and only mine. I disclose NO CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, nor do I plan to as I am committed to becoming a reliable website where people can get information to improve their health and their lives.


‚ÄčAny advertising that may be posted on this website will have been approved by me. There are very good medications, food distributors, farms, exercise equipment, books, other services and websites, etc that I may want you to know about. If it is advertised on this website, you can be assured that it is something that I believe may enhance your life.